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The Different Types Of Ottoman Beds Uk Wide: Explained

Rather than settling for the traditional wooden or metal bed frame, Ottoman beds UK-wide are growing in popularity as Brits turn to the more practical and functional choice of the under-bed storage compartment. The truth is that Ottoman beds don’t just offer comfort, versatility, and convenience but they can also offer a valuable storage opportunity. The spacious design of Ottoman beds means that they can provide you with a roomy under-bed compartment in which you can store everything from bedding to toys to the bits and bobs you can’t fit anywhere else in your bedroom. Go to bed in a bedroom with a clear floor and tidy space when you choose an Ottoman bed. As the Interest in Ottoman beds grows across the UK, more and more designs are becoming available, so the options are endless and customisable choices are widely accessible. But navigating this world of countless opportunities can be difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate guide about the different types of Ottoman beds in the UK. We’ll cover the six key types of Ottoman bed available so you can work out exactly which one you’re looking for.

Bottom-Opening Ottoman Bed

One of the most common types of Ottoman bed in the UK, the bottom-opening or end-opening Ottoman bed is designed so that you lift the end of the bed to access the storage unit. This is the preferred choice for users in smaller bedrooms as it can be more compact and doesn’t demand space on either side.

Side-opening Ottoman bed

Unlike the bottom-opening Ottoman bed, the side-opening alternative is a more elegant choice that makes the obvious alternative for people who have day beds or rooms with narrow walls and limited space on either end. For corner beds, this is the best opening choice because the mattress shelf can be lifted up without hitting the wall.

End Drawer Divan Ottoman Bed

An Ottoman bed with a drawer addition is called a divan. These are available in a few configurations depending on the spacing in your room and what you need from your Ottoman bed. An end drawer is when two drawers are fitted on either side of the bed’s end. For a bedroom with bedside tables on either side, this is the most space-effective choice.

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Side Drawer Divan Ottoman Bed

A side drawer is similar to the end drawer Ottoman bed but means that a pair of adjacent drawers will be fitted to the same side of the bed – a great choice for beds pushed against one wall. Typically, these types of Ottoman beds also afford you more space because they make use of the full length of the bed.

Four-Drawer Divan Ottoman Bed

The most popular choice, however, is without a doubt the four-drawer divan Ottoman bed. This innovative design takes advantage of the full scope of the bed’s storage opportunities by putting two pairs of drawers on both sides, giving you optimal storage space. These are mostly available in sizes from doubles upwards.

Half-Opening Ottoman Bed

For a combination of both divan Ottomans and standard Ottomans, the half-opening choice allows you to lift the bottom half of the bed (the foot) up for under-bed storage and make use of drawers located at the head of the bed. If you’re Looking for Ottoman beds UK residents can trust then you need to know which type is best for you. With our complete guide to the different types of Ottoman beds offered in the UK, you can approach retailers with confidence and find the perfect Ottoman bed for you.