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Cheapest and Most Expensive Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa


The South African medical aid market offers a range of plans catering to different needs and budgets. This guide explores some of the most affordable and most expensive medical aid schemes, detailing their costs and the benefits they provide.

Discovery Health

KeyCare Series

Discovery Health’s KeyCare Series starts at R968 per month, offering:

Unlimited hospital cover in KeyCare networks

Full cover for specialists in the KeyCare network

Comprehensive pre- and postnatal healthcare

Unlimited GP consultations, blood tests, X-rays, and medicine in KeyCare networks

Essential chronic medicine cover for Chronic Disease List conditions when using a designated service provider (DSP)


Flexicare costs R399 per month, with optional trauma cover at R160 (R400,000) or R224 (R1 million). Spouse or adult coverage costs R367 per month. Benefits include:

  • Unlimited doctor consultations
  • Procedures in doctors’ rooms
  • Maternity benefits
  • Health and wellness screening
  • Over-the-counter medicine
  • Chronic conditions and HIV treatment
  • COVID-19 testing and treatment
  • Ambulance services

Executive Plan

Discovery’s Executive Plan at R7,688 per month includes:

  • Unlimited private hospital cover, including private wards
  • Full cover for chronic medicine
  • Unlimited Above Threshold Benefit (ATB)
  • Comprehensive maternity benefits
  • Global treatment access
  • Additional cover when medical savings run out


TymeHealth, in partnership with the National HealthCare Group, offers affordable plans aimed at underinsured South Africans.

Plans and Costs

MediClub Connect: R139 per month

MediClub Premier: R299 per month

MediClub Elite: R399 per month


MediClub Connect: GP visits, basic pathology and radiology, acute medication, basic dentistry, HIV benefit, 24/7 telephonic support, emergency transport services

MediClub Elite: Includes all Connect benefits plus accidental hospitalisation (R200,000 per event), emergency casualty cover (up to R18,000), and accidental death benefit (R15,000)


Bonitas offers a range of plans tailored to different needs and budgets.

Plans and Costs

BonStart: R1,338 per month

Standard Select: R3,822 per month

BonComprehensive: R8,217 per month


BonStart: GP consultations, medical tests, over-the-counter medicine, specialist consultations, optometry, basic dentistry, general appliances, physiotherapy, mental health, HIV/Aids, maternity care

BonComprehensive: Includes all BonStart benefits plus X-rays, CT scans, hearing aids, specialised dentistry, maxillofacial surgery, international travel benefits, and additional in-hospital benefits


Momentum offers a variety of medical aid plans to suit different financial needs.

Plans and Costs

Ingwe Option: R455 per month (R482 after 1 September 2022)

Evolve Option: R1,345 per month (R1,424 after 1 September 2022)

Summit Option: R10,642 per month


Ingwe Option: Entry-level medical aid with hospital cover, day-to-day benefits, and chronic illness benefits through the Ingwe network

Evolve Option: Hospitalisation at Evolve Network hospitals with no annual limit, virtual GP consultations, and preventative screening tests

Summit Option: No overall annual limit for hospitalisation, specialist access, over 62 chronic conditions covered, day-to-day limit of R28,000, comprehensive hospitalisation coverage


Momentum’s Health4Me product offers day-to-day health care benefits and major medical insurance, including:

Bronze: R189 per month

Silver: R238 per month

Gold: R299 per month


Medihelp provides plans for various income brackets and needs, with recent price adjustments to offer more affordable options.

Plans and Costs

MedVital: R1,650 per month

Savings Plans: R2,148 per month

MedPlus: R10,122 per month


MedVital: Core benefits including specialised radiology, emergency transport, trauma cover, coverage for 270 PMB conditions, and 26 chronic illnesses

MedPlus: Comprehensive cover including GP and specialist visits, unlimited cancer treatment, health screenings, and organ transplants

Dis-Chem Health

Dis-Chem Pharmacies launched health insurance plans with affordable premiums.

Plans and Costs

Core: R431 per month

Core and Accident Cover: R486 per month

Plus: R591 per month


Core: Private doctors, dentistry, optometry, acute, chronic, and over-the-counter medication, HIV programme, X-rays, blood tests, maternity scans, health screenings, COVID-19 testing

Plus: Adds unlimited acute medication scripts, coverage for 27 chronic conditions, and specialist access


Bestmed offers a range of plans with an increase in contributions by 3.9%.

Plans and Costs

Beat 1 (Network): R1,570 per month

Beat 4: R5,062 per month

Pace 4: R8,642 per month


Beat 1: Hospital accommodation, theatre fees, take-home medicine, biological medicine during hospitalisation, mental health clinic treatment, organ transplants

Pace 4: Extensive benefits including 100% scheme tariffs for various medical events, comprehensive out-of-hospital benefits with a day-to-day limit of R37,367, and diabetes care

Understanding the different types of medical aid plans can help you choose the best option for your needs and budget. Whether you need basic coverage, comprehensive care, or a plan with specific network providers, there is a medical aid plan that can meet your healthcare requirements.

South Africa’s medical aid market offers diverse options ranging from affordable plans with basic coverage to comprehensive plans with extensive benefits. Understanding the specifics of each plan can help you choose the best medical aid for your needs and budget. For detailed comparisons and more information, consult a medical aid broker or use online comparison tools like Medical Review.