Beginners Guide to Coils
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Beginners Guide to Coils

Vape coils are an integral part of the vaping kit. The coil absorbs the E liquid from the vaping tank and produces aromatic vapour production when they get heated. Those who are new to the vaping experience, it is extremely significant and essential to assimilate and comprehend the information about the coils regarding their different categories, the material they made from and what type of coil to be chosen from the shelf to have a smooth vaping process.



The coil or atomizer head are synonymous to each other, is a replaceable part of the vaping kit. It can be a separate or built-in component of the tank, depending on the tank chosen by the vaper. The coil constitutes a mesh of wire and a wicking material (the cotton). The coiled wire is wrapped around the wicking material. The battery provides the power to the wire and gets heated and the E liquid is absorbed by the wicking material. The vape coils can be a single coil, dual coil , quad coil. Single coil signifies one wick and one coil wire, dual coil has two wicks and two coil wires. Single coil requires less battery power to heat the E liquid where as dual coils and above category produces massive aromatic clouds.

Material of the Coil


The vape coils are basically made from Kanthal which heats up quickly hence has a quick turnaround time and creates impressive amounts of vapour. Kanthal coils are only suitable to be used in a wattage mode.  Nichrome, this alloy heats up much quicker than Kanthal , offering a reliable amount of cloud production and a pleasant warm vape. However Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel are also used as coil material but are less popular as the coils made from these tend to be used for temperature control mode or wattage mode.

Standard Coils and the Sub Ohm Coils   

Standard coil is a coil with a resistance greater than 1 ohm and is used in a regular vape tank which means less charge where as a sub-ohm tank has a coil with a resistance below 1 ohm which means more current can go through which enables the quick heating of the E liquid and hence the production of more vapor and intensified flavour and hence the sub ohm vapers are often referred to as cloud chasers. Sub ohm coil befits Direct to lung vaping (DTL) where the E liquid is inhaled directly into the lungs without holding it in mouth which is done to get immense cloud production.

When to Change the Coil?


The coil is an important part of the vaping so one has to be extra cautious and should be aware about when to change the coil so as to enjoy the vaping without any hassles. Usually, the coil lasts for 2 weeks however it depends on the vaper as whether he is a heavy, moderate or light vaper. The strong indication is when one starts getting a burnt taste in the mouth or when gurgling sounds are heard while vaping. When the E cigarette leaks then one should examine the coils to see if they need replacement.

E Liquids


The right choice of E liquids are also very important for the endurance of the coil and to have smooth vaping experience. There are two ingredients in E liquid; Vegetable Glycerine (VG) & Propylene Glycol (PG). VG is thicker than PG hence are used with sub ohm devices. MTL devices use thinner liquids and with 50VG/50PG ratio.

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