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Why One Should Wear Compression Garments After Surgery?

If you plan for any cosmetic surgery or liposuction your surgeon will recommend only the compressed garments. Recovery process post surgery needs complete care in clothing and therefore post surgery garments are the one that one should wear. The proper use of garment with balanced compression is critical for your recovery. Compressed garments are little uncomfortable and expensive. Therefore, you should choose big names like recovapost surgery to choose your garments. We are expert in this field and is the answer to your best compressed garments. Let’s discuss some of the most common questions that people have about compressed garments.

Why Compression Garments?

Compression garments fit tightly to your skin. The compression garments are made up of latex or lycra and are made of elastic. The garments are sturdy and elastic at the same time. Tightly fitted garments apply uniform and constant pressure to the area that is treated. All types of post surgery garments are available with us that fit to the contours of one’s body.

How Long Should One Wear Compression Garments?

Compression Garments UK | Post Surgery Garments - RECOVA®

It totally depends on surgeon recommendation. One more thing that it depends on is the kind of surgery that you have had. Any normal surgery would mean that you will have to wear post surgery garments for at least 4-6 weeks. Compression garments can be worn even while you are sleeping as your surgeon himself/herself will recommend you to remove the garments only while taking a shower. Compression garments influence the final result of your surgery so choose renowned names like Recova Post Surgery.

What are the Surgeries That Requires Compression Garments to be Worn?

There are many but some of the common name includes the likes of below mentioned surgeries:

  • BBL
  • Breast Lift or augmentation Surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Slim Surgery
  • Gynecomastia

These are just some of the common surgeries while many surgeries require compression garments to be worn. Not just for medical purpose but it enhances the overall health. Sportsman wear it all the times. Treat your body like a temple and only then it will yield dividends. Blood clot is one of the major risk post surgery and this is where compression garments can lend a helping hand. Compression garments helps in better circulation of blood and thereby such risk can be avoided. All in all, compressed garment helps in reducing the pain or at least make it bearable.

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