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What Options Are Available For Missing Teeth?

Why do you look looked unhappy and dull? Are you concerned about your missing teeth? Shockingly we can tell you that people age between 35 to 50 years has problems with missing teeth. The best possible way for your oral health is to replace your tooth with a dental implant. A dental implant may not be realistic for a single implant and can be pretty expensive. But as the treatments are costly, you can even get it done later when your financial condition gets improved. Luckily, today dental and medical treatments have improved. So for you and your child now can get a missing teeth replacement done easily these days. Don’t neglect if you have a missing tooth. It can lead to some diseases. Do consider consulting a dentist who can help you out. However, today let’s know Dental implant procedure and aftercare? Here we will discuss each option and about treatment benefits and how they can help you out.

What Are Missing Teeth?

Gum problems, tooth decay, or genetic problems are the ideal reason for missing teeth. Missing teeth are wisdom teeth, upper incisors, and second premolars teeth. Some people are born without these types of teeth and are known as congenitally missing teeth. The reason behind missing teeth can be genetic factors that run in the family. There are various ways you can fix your missing teeth these days. Talk with your dentist to know about the treatments.

Treatments for Congenitally Missing Teeth:

Before deciding on the treatments, understand about missing teeth and understand if your child is missing teeth or has a gum problem. Your dentist will do a dental X-ray and then will tell you the next steps. If your child has a missing tooth, don’t neglect it and don’t get scared. Widely today procedures are available:

  • Dental implant treatment
  • All-on-Four Implant-Supported Dentures
  • Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge
  • Resin-bonded fixed partial dentures
  • Removable Complete Dentures

1. Dental Implant:

It is a surgical treatment that interfaces with the bone of the jaw and the dental prosthesis. It is an artificial treatment. In this process, a new artificial teeth root is inserted into the jawbone. It is one of the best solutions for people who has more than one mission tooth problem. Do talk with your dentist before proceeding further with this treatment.


  • The resolution rates of treatment are more than 95%
  • It is a permanent treatment
  • Minimal support is required
  • Treatment is natural and comfortable a
  • Tooth loss solution that limits jawbone loss
  • The teeth next to the notch do not need to be changed
  • It is a cost-effective treatment

2. All-On-Four Implant-Supported Dentures:

In this procedure, four implants are supposed to get fixed at one time. First, two implants are injected in the front of the arch, and the other two implants are fixed on either side. It is inserted at a 45° angle. Denture gets clipped onto the dental implant using a special attachment on the surface.


  • It is affordable as only a few number implants are required to support the teeth.
  • It is more stable and reliable than dentures
  • You can enjoy food properly.
  • You can detach this and clean

Dental Tips: What are the replacement options for missing teeth?

3. Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge:

An implant-supported fixed bridge can restore missing teeth. This option replaces a complete arch of teeth. The no of implants can vary according to the type of implant used by your dentist. The implant-supported bridge looks similar to the tooth-supported fixed bridge. The screw slots in the bridge-whist are treated with tooth-colored resin. Thus it is not seen from the outside.


  • Affords good results
  • Feel and look very natural
  • Easy to brush and floss
  • Cost is affordable to replace every single tooth
  • It is a long-lasting treatment

4. Resin-Bonded Bridge:

It is also called a Maryland bridge or a Rochette bridge and is used to replace only the front teeth. It is a fragile treatment. It consists of two wings that are attached to the abutment teeth, and the other is attached to the replacement tooth. But the abutment teeth should be strong.


  • Cheaper and less invasive
  • Returns your ability to smile and to eat and speak
  • Gives the right amount of care to your lips
  • Checks your other teeth from drifting out

5. Removable Complete Dentures:

It is one of the treatment alternatives to dental implants. It is a non-invasive and low-cost treatment. The dentures consist of an acrylic gum, which is colored to denture teeth and are attached.


  • It can improve the look and may help to develop self-confidence by replacing teeth
  • It provides the best care to the muscles in the cheeks and lips
  • It can help improve your speech and the ability to eat comfortably
  • Affordable and treatment is relatively fast results
  • The treatment looks natural
  • Your teeth can be relined or adjusted to fit the jawbone


We hope now you are aware of all the teeth replacement options. Choose the best teeth replacement option that fits your budget and is most convenient to use. Talk with your dentist understands in deep to understand each procedure. We are here to give back your smile, which you were missing. The decision to replace a missing tooth can bring back your confidence. Whether your tooth is missing due to any injury, or accident, or any other issue, you don’t have to live a low life. We can help you out, book an appointment with us today, we are here to restore your smile.