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What Glasses Can Help with Better Vision?

Have you noticed that it is harder for you to see texts in lighter shades?

You have difficulty seeing anything in lighter shades. Also, you have a hard time seeing in the fog or in low light. Most of us can not see clearly in fog or under low light. However, some of us can have contrast sensitivity and cause inconveniences in daily life without us even knowing.

Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test

You can go for a visual contrast sensitivity test and get your eyesight tested. The optician will show you a contrast sensitivity chart, and you have to read it out loud. The test is similar to the visual acuity test but with different shades of text.

The chart will have letters on them, with the shade getting lighter on each line. If you can read them all, you do not have contrast sensitivity. If you have an issue with recognising the letters on the chart, you will need to buy glasses online for it.

This test is not included in usual eye tests. Generally, the opticians do this test if they notice that your vision is impacted by the contrast of the light. Or you report the problem if you feel you have the sensitivity. This issue can also occur with 6/6 eyesight. You can have contrast sensitivity and have perfect vision too.

Symptoms of Contrast Sensitivity

  • Inability to see slight increments of light and darker shades
  • Difficulty while driving during the night or in the rain
  • Not able to see pedestrians on the side of the road in low light
  • Eyes get tired too soon when you are reading, watching television or working on a computer.
  • Difficulty seeing in the fog, low light
  • Inability to see the contrast between the objects and background
  • Difficulty walking down steps
  • Difficulty in pouring coffee into a dark mug

Why is it important?

Contrast Sensitivity mostly goes unnoticed. You can have perfect vision and contrast sensitivity. As long as you can see clearly without straining your eyes, you won’t notice having it. With contrast sensitivity, you are unable to see in lower light. You might not be able to distinguish between objects and the background.

Unclear vision while driving

This issue poses a problem when you are driving at night time. Your vision is crucial for driving. Any distraction can cause a mishap on the road. With contrast sensitivity, you might face issues with seeing things clearly in low light. You might have trouble seeing pedestrians or small animals on the roadside.

Loss of Spatial Awareness

This sensitivity also leads to loss of spatial awareness, mobility issues and can cause accidents. You can have an issue like not able to pour any drink into a darker shade mug. You cannot see the contrast of the colour, the depth of the mug, and you spill the drink. You can also face issues when climbing downstairs. Your sense of spatial awareness is lowered, causing you to miss a step.

Underlying eye conditions

Contrast sensitivity can be a symptom of many eye conditions and diseases. You can have sensitivity if you have cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, optic nerve degeneration or diabetic retinopathy. If you suffer from this sensitivity, you should schedule an eye test ASAP.

This sensitivity can also occur after getting Lasik surgery or any refractive surgery.`

Glasses Solution

For your sensitive eyes, you can get yellow-tinted glasses. These glasses improve your colour perception and help in seeing clearly. You can wear these glasses while driving at night time, daytime or during the rain. You will be able to see clearly and comfortably. Low-quality yellow-tinted glasses can distort your vision. Get glasses made with high quality for clear and comfortable vision.

Another option for it is anti-reflective glasses. These glasses block the glare and provide clear vision. You will have a clear vision, even in low light, with these cheap glasses online. Order these glasses from Specscart at affordable prices.