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What are Your Rehab Options in Blackpool?

Did you know that you could attend rehab clinics in the UK? Here’s everything you need to know about your options.

People in the UK tend to associate rehab clinics either with the rich or with Americans. Years of film and television portrayals of high end rehab clinics inside old hotels or fancy buildings have convinced us that rehab is something beyond the reach of the ordinary person. This is no longer the case, particularly not in a post-pandemic Britain where the virus has forced many of us into hard times.

Not all of us are aware of what actually takes place inside a UK rehab clinic as a result of this. We can help you there. Here’s everything you need to know about finding the right rehab or detox clinic near you.

What are the Different Types of Rehabs in England?

If you choose to go to rehab in England and Wales, there are lots of choices. Here are a few of the main types of rehabs.

NHS Assisted

To go to an NHS assisted rehab clinic, you must first attend all the sessions your GP prescribes, take any medications for a set period of time, and attend any group therapies they ask you to go to. Once you have proven that nothing else works, the NHS will partially fund your stay in a budget private rehab.


Dayhab sessions are becoming popular after making waves in America. This term applies to rehab sessions that happen through the day, in the evening, or that you can work around your other responsibilities. Rehab through the day is a great option for those with a career or children to take care of. You return home at the end of the day.

Quasi-Residential Rehab

Options Other than an Ashburn, VA Drug Rehab | NC Rehab

When you attend a quasi-residential rehab clinic, you will stay in a hotel and travel to the rehab clinic in the mornings. You do not go home, but you do not live on site, either.

Residential Rehab

When you opt for a residential rehab clinic stay, you live on-site in the same building in which you take your therapy sessions and workshops. This is convenient, saves travel costs and saves time. In both quasi-residential and fully residential rehab clinics, you are removed from your home environment. This gives you marginally better rates of success.

Other Options in Rehab

Within each of these types of rehabs, there is the option for a budget, mid-range, or luxury service. You can get rehab in your home town or across the country. You can choose one with great holistic therapies or that has an on-site gym. There are endless options for rehab stays in Blackpool.

Where to find Rehab Near Blackpool?

The best way to find a rehab or detox clinic Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Blackpool is to use a rehab selection service. The one offered by UK leaders in addiction recovery services Help4Addiciton is a wonderful place to start. Contact the selection service with your details and they will ask a series of questions which will find a clinic matched exactly to what you need.