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What are the Benefits of Vitamin C?

Many people already know that vitamin C has a lot of benefits. After all, it is the most talked about vitamin among other vitamins. Vitamin C cannot be made by our own body. But, it can be taken externally. There are a lot of foods that provide vitamin C such as fruits and vegetables that include oranges, kiwis, broccoli, tomatoes and other foods. However, the advancement in technology nowadays has managed to produce a lot of vitamin C supplements that can improve our health. One of the best vitamin C supplements around is flavettes vitamin C. You can easily get this vitamin C supplement in any nearby pharmacy or drug store. Besides, you can also get it online at most online pharmacies. It is also noted that the recommended daily intake of vitamin C for men is 90 mg while for women is 75mg. This shows the importance of taking vitamin C. What people do not know is what exactly are their benefits? How did vitamin C make our health better? Well, this article will try to list out some common benefits that you can get when taking vitamin C. Continue reading if you want to learn about the possible health benefits that vitamin C can give.

Vitamin C is a Good Antioxidant

What is an antioxidant? Antioxidant is a property that can fight free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that can harm your body. They did so by binding to your immune system and starting damaging it. Usually, these free radical’s molecules can be found in a lot of unhealthy food and they can usually cause a lot of chronic diseases such as cancer. Hence, taking vitamin C is essential to help fight free radicals because antioxidants can help neutralize the threat.

Can Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or its other name, hypertension is one of the most common diseases that can be found in almost every country in this world. It can also lead to a lot of other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, heart disease, stroke and also kidney problems. People that are prone to get high blood pressure are the elderly and the people with chronic diseases. Study has shown that taking vitamin C can help reduce blood pressure. However, it is not recommended to solely rely on vitamin C to control the blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure must always follow their doctor’s instructions on how to manage their disease.

Can Help Lower the Chance of Getting Heart Disease

As mentioned above, vitamin C can help lower the blood pressure. We all know that high blood pressure is one of the main factors for heart disease. So, it is noted that taking regular supplements of vitamin C can also help in lowering the chance of getting a heart disease. However, it is not clear whether solely taking vitamin C can lead to this effect. It is recommended to take good care of your health and not just relying on vitamin C to prevent this disease.

Can Help Stimulates Collagen Synthesis

I am sure that many of us have heard that vitamin C is good for our skin. Well, the answer is yes. Vitamin C can help collagen synthesis. Collagen is the skin molecules that can be replaced over and over again. Taking vitamin C will fasten this process and in return, will make our skin look younger and healthier. This is also why most of the people with skin conditions are recommended to take vitamin C as their supplement because it is known that vitamin C is good for skin repair.