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It is Better to Take Casein Protein Powder Before Going to Bed or Not

Sleep is often viewed as a period of inactivity during which the body is just resting from the day before. Some people are afraid to eat Micellar Casein Protein before going to bed because they fear it might turn into fat. But here’s the problem: this is not a true picture of sleep. And, because of this false impression, many are losing out on the true benefits of micellar casein – a sometimes overlooked milk protein. But what makes casein so special? What makes it so useful before bed?

Comparable to Whey

Casein comes from milk, as previously mentioned. The same source gives us whey – which as firmly dominated the arena of protein supplements for years. However, the idea that casein and whey are competing is false. They complement each other so well, in fact. Whey and casein both provide quality sources of complete proteins. Whey’s nutrients are absorbed quickly and put to use at a rapid rate, making it an ideal choice for recovering from a hard workout. This is why whey is not suitable for meal replacement, which can require you to stay full for long periods of time. This is where casein comes into play.

After milk is separated to make casein and whey, micellarcasein clots into chunks that float on liquid whey. The same happens in your stomach with casein. This sounds strange and unfavorable, but it is exactly what you want. Because casein has a tendency to form gel-like structures, it will take several hours for it to be digested.

Why should you take it before going to bed? This quality protein is thought to give your body the necessary protein to repair and rebuild your muscles. Don’t confuse sleep with inactivity. Your muscle fibers are being damaged when you exercise. Your body repairs them to make them stronger, bigger and more ready for the next challenge. All of this happens while you sleep, but it can’t happen properly if there aren’t enough protein levels. Numerous studies have supported this approach, showing that casein can be absorbed even while you sleep and that it can also help with muscle recovery.

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Additional Benefits

Casein is, however, about more than just the protein. Specifically, casein contains other compounds that have been shown to lower blood pressure and just generally have a calming effect on the brain. Consuming micellar casein before you go to bed can help you fall asleep faster and may improve your quality of sleep.

Taking It Before You Go to Bed Is a Good Idea

It is believed that if you take a few scoops of casein protein powder before bed, your body will get all the protein it requires to repair and rebuild your muscles. Don’t forget: Inactivity does not necessarily mean sleep. Your muscle fibers are being damaged when you exercise. Your body repairs them to make you stronger, bigger and more prepared for your next challenge. All this happens while you sleep, but it can’t be done correctly if there aren’t enough protein levels.

Numerous studies have supported this approach. They show that casein is not only absorbed during sleep but also helps to recover muscles. Additionally, consuming casein at night before sleep has been shown to positively influence next morning’s resting metabolic rate (RMR). Casein may support muscle growth www.iconnutrition.com. Casein protein can be taken before bed to support muscle growth. One study showed that men were instructed to lift weights in the evening, and then were given protein. Half of the men received a casein-rich drink right before going to bed. All of them were then assessed.