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Is My Lockdown Drinking an Issue?

Many people have started to drink more alcohol during the pandemic; it’s a go-to for when lonely, bored and worried about the future – it is, however, a short-lived solution. Do you think that your lockdown drinking is getting out of your control? What can you do to help this?

What are the Signs of a Drinking Problem?

Many people are drinking to cope with the increased stresses of everyday life, which we are seeing at this current time. Consuming more alcohol, however, can increase your risk of health issues, the chance of substance use issues, relationship problems, and mental health issues.

Remember: the difference between alcohol use and misuse doesn’t only depend on how much you are drinking, or how often you are drinking. It rather depends on whether it is causing issues in your life, and if you continue to drink even if so. If your desire to drink is strong even when you don’t want to, due to issues it creates, you may require alcohol rehab.

One person could drink a few beers a couple of nights each week with no repercussions. Whilst someone else could drink the same amount and get themselves into a whole web of problems.

Your alcohol consumption becomes more than ‘just a drink’ when it leads to relationship and other social problems. You might start arguments with your loved ones when you drink, or perhaps you’re the one to embarrass your friends when you start shouting in a quiet restaurant.

Think about how you have got into trouble with the local authorities – have you ever gone drink driving? Or started a fight with someone after a heavy night on the booze? If the police have got involved due to your actions under the influence, it is a good pointer that it may be affecting your life negatively.

Drinking problems could also be creating problems in your occupational life. Do you ever take time off work because you’re hungover? Or do you even ever secretly drink whilst you are at work?

Another thing to consider is your mental health – if you still drink even though it is creating mental health issues, or making your mood worse, then you could have a problem.

How do I Control my Drinking?

  • Set a goal and limits for your drinking
  • Keep track of how much you drink
  • Create a list of reasons why you do not want to drink
  • Don’t store alcohol at home
  • Try other means of coping
  • Find support

You can even talk to a professional if you are struggling to limit your drinking on your own. They can give you clear and helpful advice, explain the risks in more detail, and help you find a healthy relationship with alcohol.