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Family Alcohol Problems – Addiction Treatment

What Makes An Alcohol Problem (Addiction) In The Family Different?

Living in a family with an alcohol problem has a negative impact not only on the drinker, but also on those closest to him: spouse, children and parents. Alcoholism is a disease, the affected person has no control over the amount of alcohol consumed. Anyone can become addicted, regardless of education or financial situation. In Poland, 84% of adults drink alcohol, while 16% abuse it. Men become more addicted to alcohol, but due to the often difficult financial situation and numerous stresses, women also turn to alcohol. Some people use alcohol to drink away their sorrows and misfortunes, others to keep their friends company or overcome their shyness. Alcoholism is probably genetically determined, so not all drinkers develop the disease.

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Characteristics Of Alcohol Problems In The Family

Alcohol abuse by one of the household members brings with it such consequences as: quarrels, domestic violence, school problems for children, impoverishment. It happens that alcoholism occurs in every generation in the family, grandfather, uncle, father drank, children drink. Sons with alcoholic fathers often drink alcohol themselves, while daughters often mate with men who abuse it. Symptoms of alcohol dependence: changes in alcohol tolerance – drinking the same amount of alcohol as before causes weaker effects than before; discontinuation of prolonged drinking can cause unpleasant symptoms: anxiety, irritability, chills, sweating, nausea; unpleasant sensations, similar to hunger and an internal urge to drink, combined with a feeling of panic that you will not be able to endure without alcohol; the presence of alcohol in life becomes something very important, opportunities to drink and the availability of alcohol are sought; inability to decide on the amount and when to stop drinking alcohol after drinking the first glass.

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How To Recover From Alcoholism (Addiction)

The first steps should be directed to a rehabilitation facility. Alcoholism is a chronic disease, therefore the treatment period is long. The second step is to meet a therapist and start systematic therapy. Individual and group therapy is effective here. Members of the alcoholic’s family should also receive treatment, as they exhibit symptoms of co-addiction. They spread a protective umbrella over the sick person and bear the consequences of drinking for him. Participation in therapy can improve the quality of life of such a person and teach them to live with the addicted person.