22 Feb, 2024
5 mins read

The Problem Of Benzodiazepine Addiction – A Psychological Mechanism

The growing rush of life, increased requirements for social status and material possession mean that more and more people between 25-55 years of age suffer from serious mental disorders. As it turns out, this is the most common cause of addiction to psychotropic substances. Xanax has a calming effect and allows you to relax. Unfortunately, […]

5 mins read

Things You Should Prepare in COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has many people around the world scrambling to get prepared. While the virus is still relatively new, scientists are still trying to understand all of its characteristics. It has a serious impact on people’s life in the whole world: first, due to its highly contagious and lethal, it has led to […]

4 mins read

Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy

Parents should remain vigilant regarding the physical and mental health of their children. If they exhibit symptoms such as; irritability and seizures with a family history of neurological disorders, it is essential to visit the best neurologist in Lahore. The specialist will conduct several tests to diagnose the problem and guide the caregivers to opt […]

3 mins read

Technological Advancement Of Bioscience

Fairhaven Health is a primary supplier of natural, doctor-prescribed products to assist pregnancy, fertility, and other women’s health. Fairhaven Health is a certified company and offers a huge range of dietary supplements and FDA-provisioned medical devices. The Fairhaven Health supplements are basics in the U.S under restricted GMP conditions.  Fairhaven Health is promised to give […]